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FAQ of Neunundvierzig Honorarberatung

Questions about Neunundvierzig? Read our answers below.

1. How does Neunundvierzig Honorarberatung guarantee transparency?

We can give you a full overview of your investments at all times, both on and offline.

2. What happens if Neunundvierzig goes bankrupt?

The only thing you will have to do is look for a new financial advisor and planner to support you.

3. How expensive is Neunundvierzig Honorarberatung compared to others?

Our fee structure is fully transparent. Compared to our competitors we are the lower end of the normal price range. That's because our fixed costs are low and we use third-party service providers for everything that is not part of our core business.

4. How long am I contractually bound to Neunundvierzig Honorarberatung?

Ideally, we would like to work with you for your entire life. But if you change your mind at any point, you can terminate your contract with us with immediate effect.

5. How does Neunundvierzig Honorarberatung guarantee quality?

We know from experience that the most important thing for ensuring high-quality advice is the individual skills of the advisor, and sticking for as long as possible with the same advisor. That's a definite advantage of working with a small firm.

6. What is your expertise based on?

In this age of digital networks, the challenge is no longer how to get hold of large amounts of data but rather separating the "biased" sources of information – those driven by particular interests – from the reliable, solid sources. If you can do that then there is plenty of serious, publically available data out there. We work with top financial mathematician Dr Andreas Beck to evaluate current research into the financial markets.

7. How can Neunundvierzig Honorarberatung offer such a broad range of advisory services?

Our core competence is the long-term and strategic support of our clients in all financial matters and the structuring of their assets. Furthermore, it goes without saying that we do not master every special discipline ourselves that could be relevant for our clients and their assets: For topics such as wealth succession, emergency planning, financing, insurance, philanthropy, company sales, etc., we therefore have proven experts in our network whom we can call upon or whom clients can turn to as needed.

8. Will you have enough time for me?

Our professional infrastructure allows us to spend approximately 90 percent of our time advising clients. Our office phone line is staffed 12 hours a day, Monday to Friday, so we are accessible but can work without interruption. Because we only take on new clients through personal recommendation, we don't waste time trying to generate new business by handing out business cards at golf clubs or art shows. And as none of our advisors looks after more than 49 clients, we have enough time for each of them personally.

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