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Good and Bad Questions About Money

von Dr. Nikolaus Braun

Do you know the challenge with sound financial advice?

No, not revisiting the unfortunate commission business.

Anyone still thinking that a salesperson equals an advisor is simply beyond help. For the sake of argument, let's assume there are only fee-based advisors and individuals who independently manage their finances. In this world, those shady bankers and financial salesmen would've already transitioned into elderly care...

People who ask poor questions about money seldom get insightful answers.

Yet, even in this ideal setting, a huge problem remains. Most financial advisors and their clients often ask themselves the wrong money-related questions. According to a saying, there are no silly questions, only silly answers. That's a misconception. Completely wrong. Indeed, there are some very stupid questions. And what would an intelligent answer to a misdirected question even look like?

Here are sets of both insightful and misguided questions about money. The former questions are for you to think about or discuss with your partner or adviser. The latter to ignore.

Twelve Thoughtful Questions About Money:

  1. Why does money matter to me?
  2. Who am I responsible for?
  3. What should never happen to my wealth under any circumstances?
  4. If I had an extra million euros tomorrow, what would I alter in my life? Can't I do that now?
  5. If I had a year off, what would I pursue, and how much money would I need?
  6. Whose life could I transform most significantly by gifting them money today?
  7. How much money is enough for me?
  8. How can I sustain my wealth for the next two or three decades?
  9. Who or what influenced my financial mindset the most? Was it beneficial or toxic?
  10. Do my assets belong to me, or do I belong to my assets? What should I change about it?
  11. How can I protect my children from my wealth? When is the right time to share it?
  12. What should I do with my family today so that everyone will remember it positively for the rest of their lives?

Twelve Stupid Questions About Money:

  1. What's the next turbo stock after Tesla? Do you have any hot tips?
  2. What's the prime way to invest €50,000 for the next three years?
  3. Which investment fund tops in digitalization and robotics?
  4. Should I purchase Bitcoin now?
  5. What should I quickly change in my portfolio before the US elections?
  6. How can I make my first million in seven years?
  7. How on earth can Huber afford such a big car?
  8. Where can I save money or who can lend me money to buy an even bigger car than Huber?
  9. How do I guard my fortune from my unworthy heirs?
  10. What's the optimal tax-saving investment this year?
  11. How can I keep my wife out of my financial affairs?
  12. Should I sell everything now due to the XY crisis?

In Spring 2023, my sophomore book will be published in Campus Verlag, titled ‘Money or Life: How to Stop Fooling Around with Your Wealth’. A financial guidebook (almost) without advice, but among other things with a series of good questions about money.

Send us an informal note at, and you'll receive a copy with my personal inscription upon release. Or pre-book your ‘Money or Life’ copy on Amazon today.

Best wishes,

Nikolaus Braun
Forty-Nine Fee-Only Advisors

PS: Please feel free to send any questions, criticism or comments to

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